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Hi there fellow film fanatics! The long-awaited official website of Mimosa Films International has finally arrived. Fun and fascinating facts are what you’ll find when browsing our online film vaults. Not only is the site informative, it is also user-friendly. For the first time you can now find out everything you have always wanted to know about the company’s past, present and future. Rediscover your favourite Mimosa pictures and find out how they were made. We hope that you will have as much fun browsing the site as we had making it.
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Despite Mimosa Films’ humble beginnings back in 1964, it has evolved into a business entity of outstanding stature. Having produced a string of international box office sensations – including the most successful film the continent has ever made – The Gods Must Be Crazy – it has effortlessly branched out into a diverse number of corporate spheres. Today Mimosa Films, and the Mimosa Group of Companies, is known worldwide as a sophisticated operator that successfully manages several business interests spanning the globe.


Uys’ first movie had no script or written dialogue. The impromptu actors just stood around pretending to speak. The would-be movie maestro later added the dialogue but because he had no money to pay voice artists, he and his wife, Hettie, voiced all the parts. Luckily the sound quality was so horrendous that no one even noticed!

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