Daar Doer in die Bosveld

1951:  A classic South African comedy in which a young Jamie Uys plays producer, writer, director and star, and his wife Hettie Uys the romantic interest. Somewhere in the bushveld, Hans Botha is doing the usual farm rounds when his friend and neighbour comes around with an urgent request: please collect the new teacher at the bus stop.

The shy Hans is alarmed, saying he does not know how to talk to women. Prevailed on nevertheless, Hans sets off in his old jalopy, which for good measure has no brakes. He eventually arrives at the bus stop, where the teacher, Martie, is waiting patiently. She is pretty and young and the already flustered Hans proceeds to flatten her hatbox, allow the car to run off with her, and dump her in the river. By the time Hans says goodbye, Martie is angry and he is in love.


1953: Schlesinger Organisation Award of Merit

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Cast: Jamie Uys, Hettie Uys, Jurg du Preez
Director: Jamie Uys
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Language: Afrikaans
Running Time: 62 min
Producer: Jamie Uys
Year: 1951
Copyright: © MNet