About Us

Welcome to Mimosa Films 

Mimosa Films originated in 1964 in Bloemfontein, the judicial capital of South Africa.

Boet and Bill Troskie teamed up with the legendary Al Debbo, and arguably South Africa's most successful writer/director, Jamie Uys.

Under the Mimosa brand, Uys produced various feature films that achieved blockbuster status worldwide. 

Mimosa Films' international success debuted when the feature film "Three Wise Men" aired on television stations in America.

The success of this film was followed by the South African classic "Dirkie (aka Lost in the Desert)", the award winning documentary "Beautiful People", "Funny People I & II" and the films that took the world by storm, "The Gods Must be Crazy I & II".

Mimosa Films has produced, directed and distributed twenty-six feature films with some of South Africa's most revered directors.

Mimosa Films is widely considered South Africa's most successful film production and distribution company, and the first South African company to pave the way to stardom in Hollywood.


Over the years Mimosa Films has received numerous prestigious film awards.

The most noteworthy of these being:

•    Dirkie (aka Lost in the Desert)  (1971)
     -    Teheran Film Festival Award

•    Beautiful People (aka Animals are Beautiful People) (1976)
     -    Golden Scissors
     -    Golden Globe
     -    Eddy Award

•    The Gods Must Be Crazy  (1981)
     -    Grand Prix Vevey  (Switzerland)
     -    Haugesund Grand Prix  (Norway)
     -    Outstanding Film of the Year  (London)
     -    Chamrousse Grand Prix  (France)
     -    Award of Excellence  (Film Advisory Board)
     -    Golden Halo Award of Special Merit  (The
          Southern California Motion Picture Council)
     -    Courage in Filmmaking Award  (Screening
     -    Golden Scroll  (The Academy of Science
          Fiction Fantasy and Horror Films)
     -    Award of Merit  (Academy of Family Films
          and Family Television)
     -    7th Best Foreign Movie of all Times  (Yahoo
          Internet Group)
     -    Best foreign film  (USA)
     -    Most popular Film Award Montreal World
     -    Live Award of Excellence
     -    César Award of Best Foreign Film (France)


Mimosa Films has hosted and sponsored many festivals and events over the years.